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Discover Bonaire the more adventurous way! Enjoy the freedom a scooter will give you when you explore the island. Easy to get you to your favourite spots and no problem parking!

Cool and breezy

Cruise the island the coolest way with the wind in your face, the sun high in the sky while passing by the most beautiful vista's!

Reliable and efficient

Macho! Scooters is a household name on Bonaire offering the best scooters for the best price, while providing the best service! Our team is ready for you and so are our scooters!

Macho! Scooters

Macho! Scooters

Bonaire is the perfect island to discover by scooter. The island is only 39 km long and by scooter with the wind in your face you will discover the most beautiful places on the island. Drive along the stunning coastline with beautiful snorkeling locations such as 1000 steps, go flamingo spotting at Lake Goto. Discover the rich culture of Bonaire's oldest village, Rincon. Enjoy the scenic views from Seru Largu. The south of Bonaire also has a lot to offer. Visit the slave huts and salt pans and go to Sorobon for a refreshing drink. Start your adventure right now, start creating memories and book your scooter below. Need more information?

Macho! Cars

Macho! Cars

Exploring Bonaire by rental car is the most convenient way to experience all the island has to offer. This Caribbean gem, only 39 km long, is packed with stunning landscapes, rich cultural sites, and hidden treasures that are best accessed by car. With a rental car, you can travel comfortably and go places scooters can't reach, ensuring you don't miss any of Bonaire's attractions.

Drive along the picturesque coastline, stopping at breathtaking snorkeling spots such as 1000 Steps. Head to Lake Goto for flamingo spotting and immerse yourself in the history of Rincon, Bonaire's oldest village. Enjoy panoramic views from Seru Largu and explore the unique shopping opportunities scattered across the island.

The southern part of Bonaire offers even more to discover. Visit the historic slave huts, marvel at the vast salt pans, and relax with a refreshing drink at Sorobon Beach. With a rental car, your adventure is not limited by time or accessibility, making it the most convenient option for seeing all the island's highlights.

Start your journey now and book a rental car to create unforgettable memories in Bonaire. Need more information? Contact us today!

Need more time to explore? Check out our specials!

Need more time to explore? Check out our specials!

Make the most out of your stay on Bonaire and make use of our specials:

3 day special

Single Scooter $ 55,-

Double Scooter $ 75,-

week special

Single Scooter $ 110,-

Double Scooter $ 150,-

Customer Reviews


Rented a scooter at Macho Scooters during a 2 week stay on Bonaire. Online reservation went smoothly and I got a quick response and clear information. Was neatly picked up at my apartment on the start day by a friendly employee who provided me with useful information about the island. Used the scooter for two weeks and did not experience any defects. And gasoline is super cheap! As an extra service, also neatly returned to my apartment at the end of the rental period. Thanks for the great service!


Well maintained scooters, they ride very stable and comfortable. The communication is very good and is smooth and fast. Staff is very friendly. Pick-up and drop-off service is included. At the next time on Bonaire we will definitely rent again from Macho Scooters. Highly recommended!

Rick P

Highly recommended to rent a scooter instead of a car. We have experienced super good service at Macho! Scooters will be neatly brought and picked up at the agreed times. We unexpectedly extended our scooter rental for a week and this went very smoothly. Very good service!

Rent a scooter or car on Bonaire? Book online with Macho! Start your adventure now!



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