macho terms


Single and double seater scooter:

1. The rented scooter/moped may only be driven by the Renter and the additional drivers listed explicitly in this agreement. If the Renter allows a non-listed driver to drive or move the scooter/moped, or if the Renter is negligent in preventing a non-listed driver from driving the scooter/moped, he will be fully responsible for any damages caused to the scooter/moped, its occupants and/or third parties.

2. Regardless of fault, all loss or estimated damage to the scooter/moped, including loss of use, claims processing fees and administration charges, as permitted by law, while renting under this agreement, will be paid by Renter upon first demand.

3. The scooter/moped insurance covers damages caused to third parties and occupants of the rented scooter/moped other than the Renter or driver and his/her family up to a total maximum limit of USD 83.799 per collision or accident. Renter is fully responsible for any damages exceeding this sum. The scooter/moped insurance does NOT cover any damages caused to third parties under USD 83.80. The Renter is responsible for any damages not exceeding USD 83.80.

4. Renter is fully responsible for any and all damages (e.g. a TOTAL LOSS) caused to the scooter/moped and/or THEFT of the scooter/moped, which are NOT covered by the scooter/moped-insurance or any optional extra insurances as referred to in this agreement. Responsibility for theft can be waivered by paying the sum of USD. 6.=/day, which does NOT eliminate Macho! Scooters’ right to withhold Renter’s deposit in case of theft of the scooter/moped.

5. Any collision or accident causing damages, no matter if third parties or third parties’ properties are involved or not, must be reported to the Caribbean Road Service (phone# +599 717 9292) and to Macho! Scooters (phone# +599 701-1233) at once. Failure to do so will void the insurance coverage and will make the Renter fully responsible for any and all damages caused.

6. The scooter/moped may ONLY be driven over PAVED roads, as driving over rough unpaved roads may readily damage the rented  scooter/moped. The scooter/moped insurance does not cover such damages. The Renter is fully responsible for any and all such damages. In case of break down or flat tires on unpaved roads an extra pick-up charge of USD 50.= will be added to your bill.

7. Driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other substance known to impair driving ability will void the insurance coverage  and will make the Renter fully responsible for any and all damages caused by or to rented scooter/moped.

8. Macho! Scooters is not responsible for any damages to or misappropriation or loss of personal belongings, goods or luggage of the Renter, additional drivers or other occupants of the rented scooter/moped. Nor does the scooter/moped insurance cover such damages.

9. Whenever the Renter leaves the scooter/moped unattended it should be locked properly with the chainlock through the backwheel.

10. The Renter will be charged for the collection of the scooter/moped by Macho! Scooters, if such proves necessary due to any other reason than mechanical breakdown.

11. It is not allowed to carry more than two persons on a scooter, including the driver. Only the driver is allowed on a moped.

12. The costs of gasoline are not included in the rental-rates. The scooter/mopeds must be returned containing the same quantity of gasoline the scooter/moped contained the moment it was rented. If such is not the case a refuelling charge per 1/4th gasoline tank AT TWICE THE CONSUMER-PRICE will be charged. The renter of the moped must use only super-gasoline In case of stranding because of not refilling the fuel tank on time an extra charge of USD 25.= will be added to your bill.

13. If the Renter wishes to extend the rental period, Macho! Scooters is to be contacted before the scooter/moped is due back. Failure to do so will void the insurance coverage and will make the Renter fully responsible for any and all damage caused. A rental day is 24 hours. In case of returning the vehicle too late an extra rental day can be added to your bill.

14. The rented scooter/moped has to be returned at the desk of Macho! Scooters located in the lobby of the Plaza Resort, on the due date and hour as stated on the reverse side of this agreement, or upon demand of Macho! If for any reason the Renter cannot return the scooter/moped at the time and location required by this agreement, including the reason that Renter gave the scooter/moped to  another authorized driver or any other person who has failed to return the scooter/moped to Renter, the Renter will pay for all loss or estimated damages to the scooter/moped, including loss of use, claim processing fees and administrative charges, as permitted by law.

15. It is not allowed to participate in any test, race or contest with the rented scooter/moped. Violation of this prohibition will void the insurance-coverage and will make the Renter fully responsible for any and all damages caused.

16. Without the prior approval of Macho! Scooters NO ONE may service or repair the rented scooter/moped. Renter will be held responsible for all unauthorized repairs.

17. Renter will pay all fines, penalties and costs imposed for parking or traffic violations with respect to the scooter/moped while rented under this agreement. Renter will promptly report such violations to Macho! Scooters and will indemnify and hold Macho! Scooters harmless from all claims and costs arising out of such violations, including expenses in connection with the handling of such matters.

18. Macho! Scooters is at all times permitted to debit Renter’s deposit sum for overdue rental-rates and/or costs of damages, which permission does NOT eliminate Macho! Scooter Rentals’ right to complimentary indemnification.

19. Changes in this agreement can only be made in writing signed by both Renter and Macho! Scooters. The words “scooter/moped” in this agreement include where appropriate, the scooter or moped, its tires, tools, equipment, accessories and scooter/moped  documents.

20. Extra charge or exchange rates for using the credit card, charged by the credit card company are for risk of the renter.

21. Flat tire are not included in the rental price. The costs to repair it are USD 12,50.

22. In case of break down or flat tires an extra pick-up charge of USD 30,- will be added to your bill.

23. Renter is fully responsibile for any and all loss of the helmet(s) provided by Macho! Scooters. The price per helmet is USD 75,-

24. All prices include third party liability insurance, VAT, USD 2,- Government Rental tax per scooter per day and lock.

25. Bonaire Dutch Caribbean law is applicable to this agreement.


Dutch bicycles:

1.     Minimum age for renting is 18 years and a identitycard is needed.

2.     A deposit of USD 200.- is required per bicycle and can be made cash or with creditcard.

3.     Before use, the renter should check the bicycle thoroughly.

4.     Any damage or other malfunctioning found must be reported immediately to Macho!.

5.     If during your stay on Bonaire your local address changes, you must inform Macho! at once.

6.     Maximum bike load: either one adult or one adult and a child of max. 15kg.

7.     The Caribbean Netherlands trafficlaw is enforced on Bonaire.

8.     The renter is fully liable for damages of any kind as well as for theft.

       *The renter can take a theft insurance of USD 6.- per day with an own risk of USD 200.- 

        In case of a cash deposit the renter is obliged to the theft insurance.

9.     The renter should, when not using the bicycle actively lock it to anything substantial (pole, tree, gate, etc).

10.   In case of loss of the lock-key, a new lock will be installed in the bicycle. This will be charged completely to the renter. The old lock and the sparekey will be given to the renter.

11.   Cost of repair of flat tires is not included in the rental amount. Repair of a flat tire cost USD 10.- pickup service USD 20.-

12.    In case of damage, Macho!, together with the renter will calculate the cost referring to a set pricelist.

13.    In case of theft, the renter should inform immediately: Macho! tel: (+599) 701-1233.

14.    The police must make up a report. A copy of this police-report must be handed over to Macho!.

15.    In case of theft, the renter must at least pay the value of the bicycle , plus transportationcost and import duties.

16.    A rental period is 24 hours.

17.    The rent will be charged in advance, there is no refund on earlier return.

18.    Caribbean Netherlands law applies to this rental agreement.