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Macho! Scooters has been a household name in Bonaire for over 15 years. We owe our reputation to our service which aims to satisfy the customer. Customer service is very important to us. There is no distinction in services between customers who rent for one day or for a longer period. When renting, attention will be paid to the interpretation of the contract and the possibility to take out extra insurance to reduce the deductible in case of theft. Our employees will also take the time to give suggestions for fun routes, hot spots and useful tips such as where the gas stations are located. Of course they give detailed explanations of the scooters themselves, technical explanations of the brakes, lights and everything needed to get you safely on your way. Should you rent a bicycle, we make sure that seat and handlebars are adjusted to the proper height. Besides the fact that we work as much as possible with scooters and bikes that are no older than two years, we try to keep them maintained in the best possible condition. If there are still any problems, we will then try to resolve them to everyone's satisfaction.In the unfortunate case that damage has occurred we will handle this as careful as possible and try to solve it. We hope that you will look back with pleasure to your scooter or bicycle rental at Macho and see you again in the future!